Are you already losing tenants because you don't
accept rent payments online?

WARNING - You may already be losing tenants to other property managers and not even know it.
Stop the bleeding today.

Start Accepting Rent Payments Online NOW!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 10 years, you know that services are moving to the web at an ever-increasing pace. Whether you manage just a few or thousands of residents, you’ve probably been wondering (or worrying) how this would effect your property management business. If you are looking for a SECURE, COMPREHENSIVE and SIMPLE solution for you and your tenants you’ve come to the right place. We’ve built a system with YOU (the property manager) in mind. We came up with a TRULY UNIQUE solution to accepting rent payments online that is BEST for you, your tenants (and us)!

We’ll explain how our payment system works in more detail below. But you can be confident that it truly is the best option for you. It is MORE than affordable. We NEVER hold any of your rent payment in our account at ANY TIME of the payment process. Rent payments are deposited DIRECTLY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. There is NO waiting for us to deposit the money.

Check out our web demo now to see if the system is right for you.

Tenants have access to a SECURE and easy-to-use portal for making rent payments via eCheck or credit card.

You can offer the convenience to your existing tenants and new applicants.

So, what’s not to like? Well, our system is NOT for everyone.

Our Online Rent Payment System Is NOT For Every Property Manager – Is It For You?

Our online rent payment system is NOT for everyone. We’re not trying to be everything for everyone. Our solution works best for established property managers who are managing at least 10 properties. If you are just getting started and you don’t have any properties, it’s probably best for you to focus on getting a few properties under your belt. By the same token, if you have over 2,000 properties, you probably need your system to integrate with Yardi property management software. We haven’t yet completed an integration with Yardi (however, if you are interested in working with us to do this, we’d love to talk to you). We’ve decided to focus on providing INCREDIBLE service to the hundreds of thousands of property managers who manage fewer than 2,000 properties and could use a little more customized support.

How The Process Works

We’ve been building systems for almost 20 years. Over the last 10 years, our focus has been online applications. Our reputation has been forged by creating systems that are simple, effective and get used by our customers. The idea behind accepting rent payments online is very SIMPLE! Create a SECURE site where residents can login and pay with minimal hassle and maximum security.

We’ve created a SECURE (PCI Compliant), COMPREHENSIVE and SIMPLE system called the RAMSrent online payment system. Property managers have been using RAMSrent for over 3 years to offer the convenience of online payments to their tenants. Start now and grow your property management business with RAMSrent. One of our property managers using RAMSrent has gone from approximately 300 tenants to over 1,600 tenants (and still growing) today – the convenience of RAMSrent makes it possible (and highly efficient) for him to process payments for these tenants.

RAMSrent online payments

Here’s how the RAMSrent Online Rent Payment System works:

  • YOU sign up for a RAMSrent account
  • YOU sign up for a merchant account (if you don’t already have one) – we can assist you with this process. IMPORTANT – if you already have a merchant account – that is perfect. You can probably use your existing account with our RAMSrent system.
  • YOU setup your properties in the RAMSrent system
  • Your TENANT logs into a SECURE online payment portal to make payments online. You can allow tenants to pay via online eCheck or credit card
  • When a payment is made, you are NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY and the related payment information is stored in your RAMSrent secure portal
  • When a payment is made the rent portion is deposited DIRECTLY into YOUR BANK ACCOUNT and the transaction fee is deposited into our account

Sounds EASY doesn’t it. Well it is. By far the most difficult part of the process is getting a merchant account (if you don’t already have one). We understand this can be a daunting task. But if you understand the underwriting process (like we do) – it shouldn’t scare you away. We work with merchant providers who understand property management. This is a critical difference vs most of your local banks who offer merchant accounts. It really doesn’t have to be an agonizing process to get a merchant account. Look at it as an investment. The upfront ‘cost’ allows you to enhance your services to your tenants and helps keep you competitive in an increasingly competitive arena – property management!

Want to see RAMSrent in ACTION? Fill out the form in the upper right of the page to get INSTANT ACCESS to our online WEB DEMO! See if you think RAMSrent is RIGHT FOR YOU.

Everything Sounds Great…But How Much Does It Cost?

Everything sounds great, but let’s talk costs. If you’re like most property managers this is what has kept you from offering online payments. It sounds complicated and it must be expensive. Your margins are already paper thin and you aren’t looking for more overhead. Am I close? Well it’s time to move into the 21st Century! Don’t let your (unfounded) fears keep you from accepting your rent payments online.

The best part of RAMSrent for YOU the property manager is that there is NO charge to you! You read that right. RAMSrent is FREE for the property manager. We don’t charge you (as the property manager) for accepting rent payments online. There is a convenience fee charged to the tenant who makes the payment. You can control this convenience fee, and we take a small transaction fee for each payment processed online. Ok, so what does this really mean? Simple, you decide what you want to charge the tenant for the convenience of paying online (via check or credit card).

  • Convenience fee = ??? The amount is up to you. The convenience fee is paid by the tenant. It is added to the normal rent payment when your tenant makes a payment online.
  • Transaction fee = $1.95 This is the amount we charge to process the rent payment. It is paid by the tenant when the transaction is processed online.

IMPORTANT – Yes, there are also merchant account and gateway fees. But those are NOT paid to RAMSrent. The only charge for using our online payment system is the $1.95 transaction fee. And this is paid by the tenant. There is NO end-of-month statement from RAMSrent with charges for the property manager. Fees are ONLY collected when rent payments are made through the RAMSrent system.

Ok, so it all sounds great. Wondering what RAMSrent LOOKS LIKE and how it can TRANSFORM your property management business? Fill out the form in the upper right of the page to get INSTANT ACCESS to our online WEB DEMO! See if you think RAMSrent is RIGHT FOR YOU.

How Do I Get Tenants To Make Payments Online?

Great question – we’re here to help. We’ve been working with property managers for several years now and we know what works. We’ve build an incentive into our RAMSrent system by creating a ‘game’ to give tenants some incentive to login and use the system. We’ll be glad to share other ideas with you – give us a call. Remember, the only way we get paid is if your tenants use the system – we have INCENTIVE to get your residents using the system so we earn our transactional revenue.

But remember, even if your residents don’t use the system…you still WIN!

#1 – It doesn’t cost you a thing! Getting setup and ready to accept payments is FREE for you.

#2 – You already WIN because you can market the advantages of online payments to your existing tenants and also to new tenants. Whether they use the system or not, it shows that you are a forward looking property manager willing to offer them the latest services. You are no longer seen as a property manager operating in the stone ages.

THINK RAMSrent is for YOU? Fill out the form in the upper right of the page to get INSTANT ACCESS to our online WEB DEMO!

What Else Do We Offer?

While RAMSrent is our flagship system. We also offer other online systems to help make your life easier.

Property Lister

Have you ever wanted to have a centralized and searchable list of ALL your properties online? Our property lister system gives you an EASY method for managing your properties in a secure online database. It can easily be INTEGRATED into your existing website. It can also be integrated with our ONLINE RESIDENT APPLICATION system to allow prospects to apply for your available properties online using a credit card or check.

The Property Lister application allows you to provide details about your available properties. Display photos, maps, and pricing information. Everything you could want from an online database for your properties.

If you don’t currently have your properties listed in a centralized (and searchable) online database – you’re falling behind your competition. Get online the EASY way today!

Online Resident Application

Our Online Resident Application system allows your applicants to apply (and pay an application fee) online from the convenience of their computer. Forget paper applications. Simplify the process for BOTH you and your applicants. Our system can perform INSTANT BACKGROUND and CREDIT checks. You can even accept SECURITY DEPOSITS online with the application.

Enough of the overview – check out the system in ACTION with our online WEB DEMO. Fill out the form in the upper right and check out the system right now.